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webMethods has announced a new reseller agreement and strategic partnership with NEON Systems that allows webMethods to extend the webMethods Fabric product suite with NEON's award-winning Shadow RTE mainframe integration technology. By bringing together best-in-class technology for integrating both mainframe and distributed computing environments within a single offering, enterprises can now more readily and easily incorporate their most critical computing resources within the service-oriented architecture (SOA) enabled by webMethods Fabric. "The mainframe continues to have a vital role in the IT strategies of many of our customers, and making mainframes and distributed platforms true peers in a SOA offers tremendous benefits," said Kristin Weller Muhlner, executive vice president, Product Development, webMethods Inc. "NEON Systems is the widely recognized leader i... (more)

EVENT Management & Enterprise JavaBeans

This is the first in a two-part series on Event management in large distributed applications built on top of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). This installment will cover the architecture and the implementation of a local (single VM) version of the event distribution system. The second article will implement an EJB version of the system that will handle distributed events from remote VMs. One of the goals of Enterprise JavaBeans is to make it easy to write applications. Application developers won't have to understand low-level transaction and state management details, multithreading, resource pooling and other complex low-level APIs. In the nominal case this extrapolation of the complexities of building large, complex distributed applications has been accomplished well. It doesn't take much more effort to implement an interface to a database table object using EJB than it... (more)

How To Give Your Web Applications A Facelift With WebCharts3D To Make It A Blockbuster

You can create a sophisticated application that implements complex algorithms, but in many cases you sell its GUI part to your users. The presentation layer of plain vanilla HTML/JSP-based Web applications is usually pretty basic unless you use specialized software. Today we are testing the charting engine WebCharts3D 5.0 from GreenPoint. Let me introduce myself: I am a Java developer with basic JSP skills and a stopwatch on my desk. My task is to show you how you can create a Web page in less than 20 minutes that retrieves the sales data from an external data source and displays them as a chart using WebCharts3D. To set the scene, I downloaded and installed the beta version of the Tomcat 5.5 servlet container from Apache (http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/). Actually, WebCharts3D comes with an embedded Web server that can be used for test purposes, but I decided to ... (more)

Hocker To Chair Valaran; CIO of BEA Becomes Non-Exec Chairman of Valaran Board of Directors

"The Valaran board of directors enthusiastically support Rhonda's appointment as Chairman in recognition of her significant contributions to the company over the past year," said Darrell Jenings, CEO of Valaran Corporation, as Valaran announced the appointment of Rhonda Hocker (pictured), senior vice president and chief information officer of BEA Systems, as Chairman of Valaran's board of directors. Hocker begins her non-executive chairman role after having served as a director with the company since August 2004. "I am very excited about the opportunity to serve as Valaran's board chairman," said Hocker. "Event processing, transaction and device management, and integration of any edge networked device represents a new frontier of IT. Valaran provide solutions that are designed to meet the associated IT challenges of this new frontier, and I look forward to working w... (more)

Java Basics: Processing GUI Events

Various events may happen to a running program: a user clicks on a button in a window, the Web browser decides to re-paint the window, and so on. I'm sure, you've tried to click on the buttons of the calculator from the lesson on Swing Basics, but these buttons were not ready to respond to your actions yet. This time, let's teach window components to react on such actions. Each window component can listen to and process a number of events, and your program has to register window components with Java classes called listeners. You should make components listen to only those events they are interested in. For example, when a person moves the mouse cursor over the calculator button, it's not important where exactly the mouse pointer at the click-moment as long as it was right above the button. That's why you do not need to register the button with Java's MouseMotionListen... (more)

WebSphere Cover Story — ESB Implementation with WAS for z/OS V6

More and more companies are starting to adopt Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - a framework for integrating business processes and supporting IT infrastructure as secure standardized components or services that can be reused and combined to address changing business priorities. Enterprise Services Bus is an important architectural element in a SOA. This article will discuss how to implement an ESB with WAS for z/OS V6. The ESB Concept We all know that SOA is an approach to define integration architectures based on the concept of a service. When you enable service interactions using existing Internet and intranet infrastructure between systems in an architecture, you can create massive point-to-point connections, which are very difficult to manage. It's necessary to have an infrastructure act as the intelligent, distributed, transactional, and messaging layer for ... (more)

SOA Product Review: Get Rich Applications with WorcsNet IAB Studio

IAB Studio is a tightly integrated set of development and runtime tools you can use to easily create browser-based applications, reports, and workflows with rich user interface controls. It makes liberal use of client-side event processing and AJAX-based communication to a J2EE server to provide a more responsive user experience with lighter server loads. IAB Studio is broken down into three components: Application Builder, Reporting Suite, and Workflow Suite. Application Builder provides all of the containers and controls you need to assemble rich user interfaces complete with data grids, entry forms, and tree-view controls. Reporting Suite adds several capabilities that greatly simplify report and chart production. Workflow Suite lets you use a graphical UI to create workflow models using a variety of tasks types. It executes these models in its own engine. Applic... (more)

AjaxWord: An Open Source Web Word Processor

AjaxWord (www.ajaxword.com) is an open source Web-based word processor. It closely mimics Microsoft Word in both look-and-feel and functionality. The application was initially written between 1997 and 1999 using JavaScript/DHTML on the client side with ASP on the server side. It was released on the Web in 2000. In 2005, the application's server-side logic was migrated to Java and released as open source code. On the client side, the application looks and feels like a typical desktop application, e.g., Microsoft Word. The design features the kind of rich graphical user interface that Microsoft Word users are familiar with, such as hierarchical menus, toolbars, wizards, file dialogs, and a multiple document interface (MDI). (Figure 1) On the server side, the application is a typical Java-based Web application. It features: User authentication and authorization. User-... (more)

Real-World AJAX Book Preview: Window Event Handling

This content is reprinted from Real-World AJAX: Secrets of the Masters published by SYS-CON Books. To order the entire book now along with companion DVDs for the special pre-order price, click here for more information. Aimed at everyone from enterprise developers to self-taught scripters, Real-World AJAX: Secrets of the Masters is the perfect book for anyone who wants to start developing AJAX applications. Window Event Handling The JavaScript file handles various window-related events such as resizing the window in response to mouse-drag events on the four edges, maximizing the window or closing the window in response to mouse-click events, or moving the window in response to mouse-drag events on the title bar. On the other side, the JavaScript file also fires window events to the toolkit's event management system so that if a listener is registered for a certain wi... (more)

IBM Expands SOA Software Portfolio, Buys AptSoft

“AptSoft complements IBM’s SOA strategy and augments our business events capabilities that are designed to help our customers maximize their existing investments in SOA” said Tom Rosamilia, general manager, IBM WebSphere software, as IBM today announced it is expanding its business event processing software portfolio by acquiring AptSoft Corporation, a privately-held software company based in Burlington, Massachusetts. Essentially, business event software identifies patterns and establishes connections among the millions of events that happen -- down to milliseconds -- and initiates a trigger when it spots a trend. AptSoft technology helps businesses uncover the cause-and-effect relationships among seemingly disparate business events that occur in milliseconds or throughout defined periods of time.  AptSoft’s business event processing software ... (more)

Software AG Named "Gold Sponsor" of SOA World Conference & Expo

Software AG is the world's largest independent provider of Business Infrastructure Software. The company's 4,000 global customers achieve measurable business results by modernizing and automating their IT systems and rapidly building new systems and processes to meet growing business demands. Software AG's industry-leading product portfolio includes best-in-class solutions for managing data, enabling service oriented architecture, and improving business processes. By combining proven technology with industry expertise and best practices, its customers improve and differentiate their businesses - faster. For more information about Software AG, visit www.softwareag.com/ Register Now for SOA World Conference & Expo 2008 East June 23-24, 2008 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City SOA World Conference & Expo 2008 East brings together the best minds in the business for ... (more)