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The quest for agility has spurred the recent rise of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the face of modern IT integration architecture is changing. Technology stovepipes of the past are now being connected by Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology, which provides the backbone for the networking, communication, mediation, and service container management needed to support an SOA. Every integration software vendor provides some form of ESB in its products and the ESB has risen to the status of a de facto standard for SOA integrating. But what's the next step in the evolution of the IT integration fabric? The next step is a new class of software called event-stream processing, or ESP. ESP has been hailed as the "next big thing" by both software vendors and analysts because it helps an SOA integration fabric become intelligent and responsive. ESP empowers a busin... (more)

SOA Feature Story: Real-Time SOA Starts with the Messaging Bus!

Service Oriented Architectures are increasingly being used to implement high-performance and real-time systems. Traditional systems operate in "human real-time," where human patience is the limit. Increasingly, however, systems operate in "computer real-time," where the only limits are imposed by the operational speed of the computers and networks. For example, next-generation Air Traffic Management systems are being developed to accommodate the huge increase in air traffic and link the operational capabilities of agencies such as the Federal Aviation Authority, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). These systems require higher information bandwidth (to track more aircraft or more complex "free-flight" trajectories) as well as much lower latencies or delays on the information (to detect flight abnormalities quickly). Similar... (more)

SOA World Conference & Expo 2008 East Call for Papers Deadline Feb 22, 2008

SOA World Conference & Expo 2008 East brings together the best minds in the business for a two-day conference that offers comprehensive coverage of SOA and what it means to enterprise IT today.     Service-oriented architectures have evolved over the past few years out of the original vision of loosely coupled Web services replacing constrained, stovepiped applications throughout enterprise IT. Every major enterprise technology vendor today has developed its own SOA strategy, supported by innumerable mid-size companies and start-ups offering specific SOA aspects or entire solutions. Sponsor SOA World Conference & Expo Submit Your Speaking Proposal Register Now and Save!     According to industry analyst firm Gartner Group, by 2008 more than 60 percent of enterprises will use SOA as the guiding principle when creating mission-critical applications and processes. "... (more)

DataServices World: Data Access and Data Services Workshop

The workshop is a hands-on session focusing on data access and data services issues, problems and solutions. It's an opportunity for audience members to view and discuss problems with a panel of experts. The goal of the session is to engage the audience using walk throughs, examples, and a question and answer (Q&A) session. The operative principles are interactivity and dialogue. Speaker Bios: Michael J. Carey is a Senior Engineering Director on the AquaLogic side of BEA Systems. Dr. Carey is currently the chief architect for BEA's AquaLogic Data Services Platform product. Prior to joining BEA in 2001, Dr. Carey spent a dozen years on the University of Wisconsin-Madison computer science faculty, five years as an IBM Almaden database researcher and research manager and a year and a half leading the data team at an e-commerce infrastructure software startup, Propel ... (more)

DataServices World: The Importance of Middleware and Data Services

A panel of experts and executives from organizations that are leading providers and consumers of technology will discuss trends and important technologies for enterprise and Internet computing. The experts will discuss the role of databases and database technology trends that enhance SOA and web development. The session will also focus on preferred solutions for architecture and middleware to enable applications and services to access data from SQL and other data sources. Speaker Bios: Mark M. Davydov is an internationally recognized expert on software architecture, and software evolution and reuse. Dr. Davydov is the author of over 100 highly acclaimed articles in industry leading publications and vendor technical forums such as IBM developerWorks and Oracle Technical Network. His 2001 book "Corporate Portals and e-Business Integration - A Manager's Guide", int... (more)

Nastel to Exhibit at SYS-CON's SOA World Conference & Expo

Nastel is a recognized market leader in providing solutions for application performance monitoring and management. Nastel's solutions empower IT teams to consistently assure high performance and availability of business applications. Nastel's AutoPilot Suite of software rapidly identifies, resolves and prevents costly performance bottlenecks and failures by providing visibility into performance of critical business processes relying on SOA and middleware infrastructure. Through Nastel's AutoPilot suite and a vast array of plug-ins (ranging from Java applications, WebSphere MQ and WMB, TIBCO EMS, ESB and J2EE platforms, such as WebSphere Application Server, WebLogic, JBoss, Oracle 10g, etc.), IT and Application Support teams can control and see performance bottlenecks in parts of the SOA and EAI infrastructure that they can't ordinarily see. Our clients include some ... (more)

Complex Event Processing - The Secret Weapon for SOA Application Performance Management

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) can deliver tremendous value in flexibility, adaptability and cost savings. But SOA environments are complex by definition, with lots of loosely coupled components and a potentially vast combination of platforms, software, databases, applications and networks. One of the biggest challenges inherent in realizing the benefits of SOA is effectively managing all of these diverse components to ensure the high availability and performance of the applications running in them to meet crucial Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This session will explore Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines and offer practical insights into how CEP can be leveraged to enable rapid real-time problem correction and predictive problem prevention that is vital to successful SOA implementations. Speaker Bio: Rich Schreiber has over 30 years experience selling and... (more)

SOA and Virtualization: Friend or Foe?

Depending on your perspective, SOA and virtualization are either synergistic or threaten increased complexity. This session will explain how implementing the right network architecture can make the most of both, promoting agility and reducing complexity. “Service virtualization” takes functionality that is common across applications and generalizes and leverages it across the business. Capabilities like multicast, encryption, load balancing and data caching – traditionally applications on dedicated servers – have migrated into the network, where they can be virtualized and shared by multiple applications delivered to end users across multiple devices. Attendees will learn how the right network architecture can support strategies like Web 2.0 and SOA, and how the network can reduce complexity and management costs, enhance system resiliency and... (more)

Colin Clark Launches CEP Topic on Ulitzer

CEP on Ulitzer Colin Clark launched on Wednesday "CEP Complex Event Processing" topic on Ulitzer. "I was recently introduced to Ulitzer. And I like it a lot. You can check out my contributions on Ulitzer by clicking here," he recently wrote in his blog. Colin has been processing events in event processing for over 20 years and has both founded a couple of companies and held executive positions at others in the space. You can follow Colin on Twitter at http:\\twitter.com\CCEPLLC and send topic suggestions to colin@colinclarkeventprocessing.com. "Complex event processing, or CEP, is primarily an event processing concept that deals with the task of processing multiple events with the goal of identifying the meaningful events within the event cloud. CEP employs techniques such as detection of complex patterns of many events, event correlation and abstraction, event hi... (more)

Cover Story: Java Gaming - Understanding the Basic Concepts

At JavaOne 2004 we gave a presentation on Java game development that included general framework information and tips and tricks on using the media APIs effectively. We also showed an application named "Ping" that demonstrated some of the ideas we discussed (see Figure 1). Working code is a great way to illustrate an API, and we have posted the source code that accompanied our presentation on http://ping.dev.java.net. This article fully explains the ideas behind our JavaOne presentation as well as the elements of interest in the Ping application. This two-part article is divided into three main sections: Game framework 2D rendering specifics Ping: the demo We will cover the first topic here and save the rest for Part 2. Game Framework Usually a game will want to spin off a separate thread to handle all of the main work of the per-frame game loop. This doesn't mean tha... (more)

SOA Web Services Journal: Save Our Architecture

As I look upon the enterprise landscape today, I cannot help but wonder if the enterprises are going to be all right. Every couple of years, enterprises have to face the onslaught of their vendors who bring in newly coined phrases, acronyms, and newly minted software platforms, along with the promise of ROI. In the latest onslaught, enterprises are facing terms such as SOA, Web services, BPM, and BAM. The new buzzword is AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. The speed at which the IT industry coins terms and makes it fashionable to use them gives the cool name creators in the fashion and entertainment industries a run for their money. System integrators and consultants capitalize on the confusion and introduce new solutions and services that range from architecture blueprinting to specific product implementations. Enterprises turn to industry analysts to unders... (more)